Krishna motivational Speech ACTIVATION & SERVICES


The terms and the conditions of the software activation sold by Krishna motivational Speech , with office at India to App PURCHASER will be as follow:

  1. Krishna motivational Speech owns the copy rights and intellectual property for the App. PURCHASER will be granted Activation to use the App and not make any modifications to App or reverse engineer software executables.
  2. App Activation Application key and Unlock key will be provided to the purchaser after receipt of full amount. Software License is valid for one App or Multiple App accoridng to Plan.
  3. App PURCHASER agrees to use only the number of Activation purchased from Krishna motivational Speech . In case of change of Device, Purchaser will inform Krishna motivational Speech in advance so its technical support personnel can uninstall from the older Device and install on new Device.
  4. FREE Remote support from 10:30AM to 6:30PM will be provided on working days for 1 year.